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Thirumangai Azhvar belonged to ‘Kallar’ clan. He was born in Kaliyuga in the year Nala, in the month of Karthigai, under the star Karthigai (Kruthika) in Chola Kingdom at Kurayalur near Thiruvali and Thirunagari. His original name was Neela. He is considered to be the incarnation of the bow ‘Sarangam’ of the Lord. He gained knowledge of warfare and served the King.. He conquered his enemies and became the ruler of a minor territory Thirumangai Nadu or Aali Nadu. He was well versed in Tamil and led a prosperous life.His other names are Kaliyan and Parakalan.
Marrage to Kumudhavalli: Kumudhavalli was maid from Devaloka. She came with a group of celestial women to play at a lotus pond, but was left behind. She assumed the mortal form and was brought up by an issueless Brahmin Physiciar. At Tiruvellakkulam. Thirumangai Mannan attracted by her beauty approached her with a wish to marry her, but she refused. She wished to marry only a Srivaishnava who has been initiated with Panchasamskaras (five rituals). So Thirumangai Mannan went to Thirunaraiyur and obtained Panchasamskara from the Lord Nambi. He returned to Kumudhavalli. She asked him feed 1008 Sri Vaishnavite everyday for one year, eat the left over of their food and drink the water that flowed from their feet, after washing their feet. Thirumangai Mannan agreed to this and they got married.

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