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Life History of Thondaradippodi Azhvar: Page 1 of 2

This Azhvar’s original name was Vipranarayana. He was born in Prabhava year, Maargazhi month, Krishna chaturthi, Tuesday, his birth star being Kettai ( Jyesta). He was born in Mandangudi in Chola Kingdom, to a Brahmin. He is supposed to be a re−incarnation of ‘Vanamalai’ adorning the Chest of Lord Vishnu.He grew well versed in Vedas, and Vaishnava tenets. Even while young, he started serving the Lord with zeal. He maintained a garden, and offered Thiruthuzhai (Tulasi), flowers and garlands to the Lord. He obtained food from the houses of Vaishnavites and spent his time eating it. Thus he led a blemish less, noble life of devotion and divinity. Then a dancer was entered in his life.
A dancer named Devadevi after delighting the Chola King with her dance, while returning home, spotted Vipranarayanan’s enchanting garden and withed to gain his affection. She approached him. But Vipranarayana hardly saw her. She vowed to charm him. Pretending to be a holy woman, she dressed in the garbs of maiden performing penance and sang the glory of the Lord. She sought his permission to water the plants and look after them. She served there for six months and gained his confidence. Once, when it rained heavily, she got drenched and Vipranarayana out of pity called her into his hut. She entertained him and Vipranarayana enjoyed her company, forgetting the Lord for several days.

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