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    Puttakonda is a small village away from Kakinada, the head quarters of E.G. dist(A.P, India). The name Puttakonda means an ‘anthill’. It attained the status of a pilgrim centre due to the shrine of the deity Lakshmi Narasimha Perumal, who showers blessings on His devotees. The village has long history. It was once an uninhabited full of wild trees and scattered rocks. It was once a small hillock by the side of which a small rivulet of river Godavari flows. Lord Narasimha swamy along with His consort Goddess Lakshmi adorns the place as their abode with the intention of blessings the people. It so happened that a great serpent chanced to see the Lord and began to worship the Lord with great devotion. In course of time it built a mound near the God and served him offering its prayers. The feet of the Lord covered with this soil and His feet were not visible. The village aptly earned the name Puttakonda.

    Sage Vaalmiki, on his visits to holy places happened to come to this holy place. He began to worship the Lord for a long time with steadfast devotion. He made preparation for the installations of the idol without disturbing the mound of soil, made by the ‘Serpent King’. That is the reason why the feet of the Lord could not be seen by His devotees. There is enough evidence to prove this fact as we see small hole on the mound that are still visible. Having accomplished his mission sage Vaalmiki left this place.

    There was once a great flood in the river Godavari and the small hillock got itself covered by the water. A certain branch of the river ‘Tulyabaga’ joined the sea near ‘Chollangi’ (Kakinada). The hillock, the rivulet of mighty river are now not to be seen for a number of villages sprang up with fertile lands making people rich and prosperous.

    The Kings of Vatsavayi Dynasty the erstwhile rulers of ‘Peddapuram’ were ardent devotees of this Lord, who look after the welfare of the people of this region and devoted themselves to This Lord.


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