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    Since the past 300 years and to continue for eternity the services for the Lord of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple have been going on and to be a part of the services to the Lord - is the Lord’s infinite blessings and way of Moksha. Again to be part of these services is only possible one’s good deeds in his previous births. Since the first half of the 18th century our Sri Vaishnava families have migrated from south India with the sole motto of spreading ‘Visistadwaita Siddhanta’ , and still have upheld this tradition and will do so for posterity by the Lord’s grace. As long as we put in our whole hearted effort in upholding this philosophy passed on to us by our ancestors we are assured of the Lord’s grace in the continuing of our existence and our future generations.

    This tradition of the services to the Lord Vishnu passed on by our ancestors is the very essence of Vaishnavaites culture and to be part of it is only possible by good deeds in our previous births and matter of extreme joy and peace. The peace and joy we obtain in services of the Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy at Puttakonda bears testimony to all this. The ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ has come into existence due to the grace of the Lord so that each and every one gets an opportunity to be a part of these services.

    The local Sri Vaishnava families of Puttakonda have been looking after accommodation and food facility and other amenities for the pilgrims who visit this temple. To this end a self governed body to look after these affairs permanently was only an idea in the minds of the Vaishnava families of Puttakonda. This idea took the form of ‘Ramanuja Sabha’.

    The very idea that occurred in the minds of these people instantly took the form of the foundation of ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ to be instituted and inaugurated on Bishma Ekadasi - 2006 by the Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy’s grace. By January 29, 2007 Bhishma Ekadasi the pilgrim amenities complex by the name of ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ with spacious two rooms was inaugurated in the presence of Sri Vaishnava Swamies with “Ashtaksari Homam”.

    By February 17, 2008 Bhishma Ekadasi one more room was added to ‘Ramanuja Sabha’, and this proved very helpful as a pilgrim amenity complex to the visiting pilgrims.

    By February 6, 2009 Bhishma Ekadasi ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ was extended with more spacious rooms and provided all facilities to pilgrims who visit this temple. Now the dreams came true for developing ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ with co-operation of all the Sri Vaishnava devotees.

    This has been possible by the generous encouragement given to the local Sri Vaishnava families and by the Sri Vaishnav community from all over AP and all over the India in the form of monetary help and their generous whole hearted donations.

    “The ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ could be instituted by the extreme devotion of the Paravastu families (Vamsaparamparya Dharmakartha’s of Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple in Puttakonda) in the form of donating the land to build the ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ complex.”

    The water supply facility to ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ was ensured permanently by the “Sri Vaishnava Sri” organization of Hyderabad.

    The flooring works of ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ were made possible by the whole hearted donation of Sriman M.V.T. Chary of Hyderabad.

    One more room for the ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ was added by Sriman P.B. Simhadri Appalacharyulu in the memory of his departed wife (Mani) by the grace of Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.

    “The development of ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ and its coming into its existence could not have been possible with out the whole hearted and extreme bhakthi of Sriman M.V. Partha Sarathy who left no stone unturned in his efforts to make everything possible for the ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ Sabha to take form.”

    “Along with these people we can not forget the contribution of Sriman K. Appan KrishnamaCharyulu(Devada) and his bhakthi for Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy with out which we could not have given shape to ‘Ramanuja Sabha’.”

    In the same way we would like to instuite a similar organization that would cater to meals and food amenities of the visiting pilgrims.

    Not only during utsavams we would like to develop Puttakonda so that during other festivals (Alwar Tirunakshatrams, other Visesha Utsavams) also Puttakonda would be a place with all amenities and also the surrounding villages to be a beautiful place to visit and this ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ would facilitate this visit. We would also like the ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ help in any other program related to the Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam in addition to being a pilgrim amenities complex.

    We would like to pray to the Lord Laskhmi Narasimha Swamy so that he would bless us to develop this ‘Ramanuja Sabha’ as a spiritual center for spreading the philosophy of “Sri Vasihnavasim” all over the world.


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