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Periazhvar’s original name was Vishnuchittan. He was born in the year Krodhana (in Kaliyuga) in the month of Aani under the star Swathi at Srivilliputur in a Brahmin family (of Veyars). He was the son of Mukunda Battar – a great scholar. He performed the service of offering garlands to the Lord at Vadaperunkoil, Srivilliputur, gathering flowers from his own garden and making them in to garlands. He was totally devoted to Lord Vishnu and hence acquired the name Vishnucitta which means ‘one in whose heart Lord Vishnu dwells’  or  ‘one who dwells in the heart of the Lord Vishnu’.

Once , King Vallabhadeva of the Pandya kingdom convened a gathering of scholars to discuss and deliberate on the indentity of the supreme Entity. Sriman Narayana appeared in the dream of Periazhvar and urged him to participate in the meeting. When the Alwar protested that he did ot know enough of the Vedas to speak on the subject, the Lord replied that he will do well with His blessings and that he should not hesitate to go. The alwar went to the assembly accordingly and established beyond doubt the supremacy of Lord Vishnu, which position ws accepted by all present. The king rewarded the Alwar with a bag of gold coins band to honour he Alwar further, placed him on a caparisoned elephant and had him make a round of the city Pleased with the outcome of the debate.

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