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Life History of Thiruppani Azhvar: Page 1 of 2

He was born in Kaliyuga in the ‘Pana’ community (a musical class), in the year Durmati, in the month of Karthigai, under the star Rohini at Uraiyur. He was fond of reciting songs on Arangam. Since he belonged to the class of untouchables, he did not enter into the temple. He sat on the Southern banks of Cauvery and kept singing on the Lord, with devotion. Once a saint (chief priest of Srirangam) called ‘Lokasaranga Muni’ came to the river to fetch fresh water for the Lord. He asked Thiruppaanar to go away. Since Thiruppaanar was singing about the Lord with deep devotion, he did not hear the words of Lokasaranga. At this Lokasaranga took a stone and threw it on Thiruppaanar. Pana started bleeding. He woke up form his reverie and moved away.

When Lokasaranga returned to the tmple, he was shocked to see that there was a wound on the Lord’s form and was bleeding. Goddess Lakshmi pleaded with the Lord to grant Panar entry into the temple. The Lord appeared in Lokasaranga’s dream and asked him to carry Panar on his shoulders and bring him to the temple.

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