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Poygai, Bootham and Pey are the three Azhars regarded as ‘the First Azhvars’.They were born in the Siddharthi year (7th C.AD), in the month of Aippasi under the star Tiruvonam, the very next star Avittam and the nex star Sadhayam, respectively. All these were not born of a mother’s womb.
Poygai Azhvar: He was born in a lotus pond at Tiruvekka in the town of Kanchipuram in Siddhartha year, Iyppasi Month, Sukla Ashtami Tuesday in under the star of Tiruvonam (Sravanam). Hence the name Poygai means pond or tank. He is also known as Saro yogi,Kaasaara yogi,Poigai piraan,Padma muni,Kavinyarporeyeru.
BhoothathAzhvar: He was found on top of a madhavi flower (blue ‘Nilotpala’ flower) at Mahabalipuram(Thirukkadanmallai or Mamallapuram) in Siddhartha year, Iyppasi month, Sukla Navami, Wednesday under the star of Avittam (Dhanista).The term ‘Bhutam’ has several meanings – ‘past’, ‘world’ and ‘knowledge of the supreme’. As he had acquired this knowledge, he came to be known by this name.
PeyAzhvar : He was found in a red – lotus flower in a well in Siddhartha year, Iyppasi month, Sukla Dhasami, Thursday under the star of Sadhaya(Sathabisham) at Adikesavapperumal temple in Mylapore. He was known to constantly recite the names of the Lord as he roamed about, unmindful of the circumstances.‘Pey’ in Tamil means ghoul or spirit.

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