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The illumination that emerged from Nammazhvar who sat meditating, unmoving like a stone, spread far and wide and reached Madhurakavi who had ventured into Ayodhya during his tour of Pilgrimage. Madhurakavi was born in Thirukkovalur (near Thirukkurugur) at the end of Dvapara Yuga, in the year Isvara, in the Month of Chitirai, under the star of Chitira, in a Brahmin family. He was well versed in the Vedas. He was an expert in Melodious songs and was an excellent Singer.
Once he went to North Inda to have a darsan of Lord Krishna who was present at that time. During his stay there, he saw one night, a strong column of light in the southerly direction. It appeared only during nights and disappeared during daytime. Curious to know what it was, he preceded in that direction, walking at nights and resting during day−time. Finally, he reached a place called Tirukkurukur where the light disappeared. Then Madhurakavi Azhvar concluded that there must be something special in that place and began making enquiries.The people told him about the phenomenon which happened some years back, when a young baby was born to the local chieftain but did not cry or suckle and which crawled to a place in the temple and is staying there ever since. The child had now grown into a boy and was in deep meditation without food or water.

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