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Life History of Kulasekhar Azhvar: Page 1 of 3

Kulasekara Azhvar was born in Kollinagar, the capital city of Chera Kingdom, in the year Parabava, in the month of Masi − Sukla Dvadesi − Friday, under Punarpoosa (Punarvasu) star, to King Didavrathan. (It is also said that he was born in Thiruvanjai Kalam). He is considered an incarnation of ‘Koustaba garland’.
Born in the King’s tribe he grew well versed in all Kingly rituals and Veda Sastras. He led a happy, married life. He participated in a debate with scholars on the topic ‘who is the Almighty governing all universes?’ and realized that Lord Vishnu is the supreme Lord. He grew interested in the Rama and Krishna Avatars. He grew attached to Lord residing at the Snake−bed in Thiruvarangam (Sri Rangam). He delighted in the groups of His disciples and lived among the Sri Vaishnavite Devotees.
There are two instances cited often, wherein Azhvar forgot himself while listening to discourses on the Ramayana and started with his army with the intention of assisting Lord Sri Rama. The fist occurred when he heard of Rama facing the 14000 Rakshasa army under the leadership of Khara and Dushana, all alone. On noticing Azhvar’s condition the scholar declared Rama the winner and consoled the Azhvar.

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