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Route Map

The nearest destination connected by road to Puttakonda is Kakinada. Kakinada is in the East Godavari district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is also the headquarters of East Godavari district. Puttakonda is 23.4 km from Kakinada by road. One has to come to Kakinada and reach Puttakonda by road, which is in between Kakinada and Paina (via Karapa-GollalaMamidada route). The journey takes 50 min by bus and the fare is about Rs 12 per head. There are two buses available at Kakinada RTC bus complex to reach Puttakonda. First bus (Kakinada-Sampara route bus) starts at 8 A.M, one has to alight at Sampara which is 2 km away from Puttakonda. One can reach Puttakonda from Sampara by foot or by auto. The second bus (Kakinada-Paina route bus) starts at 4 P.M, which goes via Puttakonda. From Kakinada one can also avail an auto to Puttakonda the fare is about 100-150 rupees and journey takes 30-40 min by auto.

Another route to reach Puttakonda is from Samalkot. One has to alight at Samalkot which is on the Howrah Chennai rail route. Buses are available from Samalkot to Puttakonda up to Biccavolu only, which is midway between Samalkot and Puttakonda. From Biccavolu one has to go by auto which is the only available transport to reach Puttakonda and the fare is about 50 rupees. It is better if one goes by auto directly to Puttakonda from Samalkot which is journey of 25 km and the fare is about 100-150 rupees.

Daily Activities in the Temple

Daily worships begin with “SUPRABHATAM” at 5-00 AM and end with the ringing of bells at 8-00 PM according to “PANCHARATRA AGAMA SASTRA”.

5-00 AM to 6-00 AM Brining of holy water for daily worships (“TEERDHAPU BINDE”)
6-00 AM to 8-00 AM Tiruvaradhana (Nitya Archana), Nitya Homam
8-00 AM to 8-30 AM Snapanam (Only on Pancha Parvams)
8-30 AM to 9-00 AM Sevakalam,Balabhogam and distribution of Prasadam
9-00 AM to 11-00 AM Sarva Darsanam
6-00 PM to 7-00 PM Evening worships (Sayamkalarchana),Nitya Homam
7-00 PM to 8-00 PM Evening Sevakalam and distribution of Prasadam


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