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 List of Important Narasimhar Kshetrams/Temples in Nellore
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Lord Nrusimhar known asCity/VillageLocation
1Narasimha SwamyGandavaramLocated in Venugopala Temple, 16km from Nellore
2Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyKalavakonda12km from Guduru
3Jwala Narasimha SwamyMalyadri (Malakonda)30km from Kandukur
4Narasimha SwamyNallakonda24km from Udayagiri
5Sri Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyNarasalagudem/Mahubadh10 k.m From Mahubadh
6Konda Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyNarasimha Konda12km from Nellore
7Yoga Narasimha SwamyPenchalakona50km from Nellore.46km from Guduru. Phone No +91-8621-2216 04
8Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyTiruveedhipadu12km from BuchireddyPalem
9Ugra Narasimha SwamyUdayagiri10km from Nellore

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