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 List of Important Narasimhar Kshetrams/Temples in Medak
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Lord Nrusimhar known asCity/VillageLocation
1Narasimha SwamyAngajikishnapur1km from Gajwel-Jagagevpur road
2Narasimha SwamyDilalpur16km from Gajwel
3Sri Laxmi Narasimha SwamyGajwel MandalThe temple of Sri Nachagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy in Gajwel Mandal is 12 Kms from Medak and 40 Kms from Hyderabad on the Hyderabad - Nagpur highway. In ancient times it was known as Swethagiri and also as Gargeva Thapovanam.
4Narasimha SwamyGurralagondi11km from Siddipeta
5Narasimha SwamyHastaalpur26km from Medak
6Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyKhondapur19km from Chegunta
7Narasimha SwamyKoocharam29km from Gajwel
8Sri Laxminarsimha SwamyManoharabadSekendrapuram Village
9Narasimha SwamyPeddachintagunda6km from Narasapur
10Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyPulluru12km from Siddipeta
11Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyRamayampeta22km from Medak
12Ugra Narasimha SwamyRameswarabanda26km from Sangareddy
13Narasimha SwamySangareddy60km from Hyderabad
14Narasimha SwamySherkhanpalle9km from Narasapur
15Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyShunpur64km from Akanapet (Kachiguda-Mandad Railway line)
16Laxmi Narasimha SwamySikandarapuriSikandarpur is a place located in Hathnoora mandal, Medak district of Telangana state
17Lakshmi Narasimha SwamySikandlapur3km from Manoharabad Railway station
18Narasimha SwamyUtla8km from Narasapur
19Narasimha SwamyVellur19km from Gajwel

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