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 List of Important Narasimhar Kshetrams/Temples in Guntur
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Lord Nrusimhar known asCity/VillageLocation
1Narasimha SwamyAaluru3km from Tenali. P V PALEM Mandalam,Guntur Dist-522314 Via NIzampatnam
2Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyBurripalem5km from Tenali
3Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyChilakaluripeta39km from Gunturu
4Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyGoodavalli9km from Bhattiprolu
5Adilakshmi - Narasimha SwamyKetavaram1km from Sattennapalli
6Narasimha SwamyKhazipalem6km from Tenali
7Panakala Narasimha SwamyMangalagiriLocated on Hill. 12km from Vijayawada
8Lakshmi narasimha swamy MorjampaduNear Piduguralla to 15 km
9Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyNallapadu10km from Gunturu
10Yogananda Narasimha SwamyNarasraopetPulupula vari street,Sattenapalli road,Narasaraopet
11Narasimha Swamy Temple Nazerpet -TenaliThis Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy idol was installed in the year 1903 by Shri Ponnada Lakshminarasimham garu who worked as a Nazer in Tenali Court. He resided in same area Later on this entire area was called as Nazerpet by Britishers because ,He worked under the british government they donated the land to him .Then he kept the entire area name as Nazerpet which was created because of his profession .
12Narasimha SwamyPidugurallaKetavara Swamy Asramam. 50km from Gunturu
13Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy - Rajya LakshmiPonnuruLocated at Ponnuru BhavaNarayana Swamy Temple
14Narasimha SwamySakarikallu20km from Narasaraopet
15Lakshmi Narasimha SwamySannegandlaNear karampudi to 7 km
16Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyTottempudi3km from Modukuru
17Narasimha SwamyVinukondaBetween Gunturu and Vinukonda road way
18Narasimha SwamyVipparlapalli20km from Narasaraopet
19Yogananda/Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyYadlavalli15km from Tenali
20Sri Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyYagiliNear Ponnur

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