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Life story of Sri Andal: Page 1 of 2

Andal was born in the year Nala ( in Kaliyuga) in the month of Aadi (Ashadam), Shukla Chathurthi, Tuesday in SRIVILLPUTHUR in the Pandiya dynasty; her birth star being Puram. Accordingly, her date of birth is 8th of June 3004 B.C. But modern historians fix a date the first half of the 8th century A.D. Be that as it may, our account follows the “Guru Parampara” tradition. Andal was not born naturally, but was found on the holy soil near Thulasi plant in the garden of Periazhvar in Srivilliputhur. He named her as KOTHAI and brought her up affectionately. Kodhai loved the Lord dearly, kept singing and praising him all the time and dreamt of him.

Sri Andal performed fasts and rites to seek his hands, in marriage. In order to decorate herself worthy of Him, she would secretly wear the garlands woven by her father and appraise herself before the mirror. But Periazhvar observed this once and filled with grief, he did not send garlands to the lord that day. The very night the Lord of VADAPERUNKOIL appeared in his dream and declared that He was interested only in the garlands worn by Kothai. Hence from then onwards these garlands with the natural fragrance of the sol from his garden and with the additional splendour of his daughter’s (SUDI KODUTHA NATCHIYAR) divinely fragrance, the garlands were offered to God.

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