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 List of Important Narasimhar Kshetrams/Temples in Warangal
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Lord Nrusimhar known asCity/VillageLocation
1Narasimha SwamyChilupooru30km from Vanumakonda
2Ratnagiri Narasimha SwamyGangaaram20km from Eturu Nagaram
3Narasimha SwamyGeesukonda19km from Warangal
4Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyGuduru20km from Kesamudram Railway station
5Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyHanumakondaInside the cave near to Kapuvada
6Sri Laxmi Narasimha SwamyINUGURTHI,KESAMUDRAM MANDAL,WARANGAL DISTRICT 506112 50KM from Hanamkonda, 17 km from Nekkonda (SCR Station and 10KM from Kesamudram (SCR station) which is in between Warangal(SCR) to Mahabubabad (SCR)
7Narasimha SwamyKadavendi30km from Janagam Railway station
8Kandagiri Narasimha SwamyKandikonda19km from Mehaboobabad Railway station
9Narasimha SwamyKankatayapalem29km from Kesamudram
10Narasimha SwamyKesamudramBetween Warangal and Dornakal
11Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyKodavatancha14km from Parakala
12Narasimha Swamy-Maneeladevi-LakshmideviKommala26km from Warangal
13laksminarasimha swamykommalav-kommala m-geesugonda d-warangal telangana
14Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyKommugudu8km from Mehaboobabad Railway station
15Narasimha SwamyLingalaghanapuram9km from Janagama
16Sri Hemachala Laxmi Narasimha SwamyMalluruNear Mangapet
17Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyNarsimlagudem19km from Kesamudram Railway station
18Narasimha SwamyNarsimlapetaNear to Kapilavai Gutta
19Narasimha SwamyNerada25km from Mehaboobabad Railway station
20Narasimha Swamy - Harihara KshetramPalakurthy28km from Janagama
21Narasimha SwamyPanikara3km from Nekkonda
22Narasimha templeParakalaKodavatancha
23Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyTimmampet8km from Narasampet
24Narasimha SwamyUrukonda20km from Warangal
25Pathabanda Narasimha SwamyVaradannapet27km from Warangal
26Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha SwamyVelupukonda (Jafargadh)13km from Varadannapet
27Amruta Narasimha SwamyWarangalBadhrakalli Temple Street
28Narasimha SwamyWarangalRailway station road

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